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Our Focus

Here at Apollo we transcend traditional market verticals by matching some of the world’s most sophisticated companies with the most sought-after technical professionals. Our expertise exists in working with companies ranging from global consultancies to financial institutions such as banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading companies.


We offer a more diverse selection of candidates and access to a higher proportion of truly exceptional individuals by targeting specific skill-sets rather than focusing on traditional industry sectors.


Apollo has a very strong network of International Olympiads (IMO, IChO, IPhO and International Olympiad in Informatics).



Our core expertise is in the following areas:


  • Quantitative Finance: Portfolio Management, Quantitative Trading, Research & Analytics (including Machine Learning & NLP).


  • Technology: Software Engineering (Including low latency) & Development, Data Science, Web Development, Application Development, Infrastructure & Cloud, Salesforce, Product Management and UX.


  • Emerging Technology: Blockchain, Computer Vision, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality (VR), 360 Video.


  • Talent Acquisition: Talent Acquisition Team Inception (1st hire team builds)










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