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What We Offer...




Apollo Partner’s retained service provides a bespoke and tailored offering which includes all levels of our standard contingent search. As part of our retained service, Apollo Partners will work in close partnership with our clients providing a pre-qualified shortlist of targeted candidates.


This will be done within an agreed timeframe with regular progress updates and full transparency on methods used. In our experience, we have found this service to be highly effective on searches where there is a limited or illiquid talent pool, or where other methods of search have been exhausted and the hiring need is time sensitive.


Apollo Partners follows a proven methodology when executing its retained mandates.


Clients who choose to retain us will be provided with a priority service ensuring they are presented exclusively with the leading talent in their respective areas.


We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the process, and our strong candidate relationships ultimately allow us to deliver a successful match.




At Apollo Partners we understand that many of our clients will not require a retained service for every mandate.


In these instances, Apollo Partners will provide high calibre talent in an efficient and timely manner, our established relationships within the market allow us to quickly and effectively provide a shortlist of qualified candidates.


Strategic Partnership


Apollo Partners are dedicated to providing the best possible service to clients with the view to building a long-term partnership. Through a strategic partnership, Apollo will aim to build a deep understanding of our clients business needs, often acting as an extension of our clients business.


This service is for clients who require multiple hires to be made, to meet strategic goals. By taking upfront payment,

Apollo is able to offer lower fees and provide a 100% refundable guarantee (subject to terms and conditions).


Industry Hub (Other Services)


Beyond offering and providing a world-class recruitment solution, Apollo Global Partners is committed to giving back to the whole technology community.


We are partnering with organisations to create conferences, training programs and the largest Hackathons ever seen.


We are sponsoring events and helping local communities train demographics that do not appear prevalent or justly represented in the market (i.e women in tech) to ensure opportunities are fair for both candidates and clients to find the right option.


We feel that the only way to help the technology industry is to work on making it a better place.











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